The name Unbound Counselling comes from the idea of being unbound and free from the things that have kept us from living our best lives. I am passionate about providing a supportive space to help you explore your concerns, come to a greater understanding of yourself, and learn effective strategies to be able to live in greater freedom. I don’t consider myself the ‘expert’ when it comes to your life, but desire to help you to increase your capacity to live according to your individual values, and work towards your personal goals. Counselling is a confidential process designed to help you address your concerns. It involves a relationship between you and a trained counsellor who has the desire and willingness to help you accomplish your individual goals. Counselling involves sharing sensitive, personal, and private information that may at times be distressing. During the course of counselling, there may be periods of increased anxiety or confusion. The outcome of counselling is often positive; however, the level of satisfaction for any individual is not predictable. I am here to support you throughout the counselling process.


Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling is designed to support you through challenging and growth areas in your life. It may be personal issues with managing stress, anxiety, depression, anger, addictions and self-development and life skills. Counselling can help with self-development, assertiveness skilling and self-esteem issues.

Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling is supporting people in intimate relationships to bring greater areas of health into their relationship. The people we do life with are the most significant relationships and sometimes we need support to navigate areas of conflict and difference with greater emotional awareness. Regardless of the type of relationship – counselling can support you through issues to enhance and mature your relationships.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling is specifically focused on enhancing interpersonal skills to enrich our relationships with others, regardless of the nature of that relationship. It doesn’t just focus on problems, but helps us to understand where things fall over so that we can work to enhance and deepen our connections with the other person. Pre-marriage relationship education is available.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling supports families get through difficult times that you encounter. It may include interpersonal conflict, parenting skills, adjustment to change – and life seasons (such as adolescent, retirement, moving); separation and divorce, blended families and establishing boundaries. And anything else.

Trauma Counselling

Dealing with Trauma and violence can leave lasting impacts on our lives. Knowing the ways in which we have managed traumatic events, including abuse, in the past is important to moving on into well-adjusted management of things that may pop-up and trigger us ongoing. A trauma-informed counselling approach deals with your whole self – not just the symptoms of past pain, to support you to move and start being able to take back control.

Grief & Loss Counselling

Grief and Loss can be so overwhelming that we need support to navigate through it. Grief may not just be death of a loved one, but we can experience grieving with all sorts of loss, including body image and function, unrealised dreams, professional roles and positions, and beloved pets.


Our Spirituality can be an area of our lives that needs particular care and attention. Supporting and nurturing this very important aspect of our selves can become a great resource in enhancing other aspects of our lives.


For any questions you may have about counselling or to book an appointment you can contact me by mobile or email.

Appointments are available in person in Cannonvale and Proserpine or via Skype.

Your Counsellor

Olwyn Harris (M. Couns)

My name is Olwyn and I am an individual and relationship counsellor at ‘Unbound Counselling’, a private counselling practice in the Whitsunday community. I particularly work with those issues that have bound us from our past, so that we can walk free into our future. I have an interest in engaging our spirituality in understanding our story, and as a strength and support in our life journey towards wholeness.

In the past I have worked as a nurse (Bachelor of Nursing) and as a Registered Midwife before being mother of four children, and working in occupational health in the mining industry. I have also completed a Diploma of Christian ministry; Certificates IV in administration and adult education. I have worked with Relationships Australia from the Bowen venue for over four years as a counsellor and family support worker. I also hold a Christian pastoral role with Liberty Church Whitsundays in Proserpine.

I have graduated with a Master of Counselling. I have completed over 2,500 hours of adult counselling and 200 hours of clinical supervision. I work with individual, relationship and family counselling and have ongoing professional clinical practice supervision and training.